#BadWordWednesday : ABCD i.e. vs. e.g.

Linguists love Latin — albeit antiquated, still useful.

Latin = id est = that is => English = in other words

Latin – exempli gratia = for example => English = used before giving specific examples

Now, let’s try this.

Amazon is my favorite online store, i.e., first choice, because of their Prime shipping.

In this example, I restated favorite as the reason Amazon is my first choice when online shopping.

Amazon is my favorite online store because of their Prime shipping unavailable through other sites, e.g., eBay, Zulily, or Joss and Main.

In this example of proper usage of e.g., I listed three other favorite online shopping stores that do not have Prime shipping.

Try this trick to remember these rules:

i.e. – “I” can say this another way.

e.g. – Example begins with “e”. 

Hope that helps to fix it for you!