#BadWordWednesday : Herbs and Spices

When I am not dawdling with words I am in the kitchen with my ancestors working culinary roots over carcass. My spice rack is 26 tins impressive, pots of herbs are tended on my balcony, and a spice and herb matrix hangs prominently on the wall. Which brings me to today’s fix it folks — herbs and spices are not one and the same.

General rules of a pinch or a pound:

Herbs are made up of flowers, leaves, and stems.

Spices are ground from dried buds, roots, seeds, and bark.

And then, there is saffon, our resident cross-gender spice from flower stamens.

Finally, if following these general rules for distinguishing herbs from spices, I would like to hear from consumers of the cannabis plant. Is it truly an herb or does it masquerade as a spice once through the drying process?

Photo by sara marlowe