#BadWordWednesday : Your v. You’re

Your = one word = pronoun = states that you own or posess something

e.g., your page, your name, your date, your shoes, your car

You’re = two words = You  are = verb = states that you are involved in some action

e.g., you are welcome, you are watching, you are wonderful, you are brilliant

Two words with an apostrophe rule: if you can use the two words, use them instead of contractions; if you can use the two words, you may correctly use the contractions instead.


#FixItFriday : Apostrophes

The Apostrophe is not invited to a Plurals party.

However, roll out the red carpet for the Apostrophe for the Possessives and Missing Letters gala.

Apostrophe = ownership = e.g., Dana’s car, Jamal’s class, Sharon’s plays

Apostrophe = missing letters between two word = e.g.,  can’t as in can not, isn’t as in is not, don’t as in do not, it’s as in it is

And then, there is the matter of apostrophes in names:

Last name apostrophes = don’t do it = plural = e.g., The Stewarts went to church. The Johnsons bought season tickets. The Mears sent the kids to summer camp.

Last name apostrophes = do it, after the plural comes the possessive = e.g., the Stewarts’ party, the Johnsons’ vacation, the Mears’ home

Lastly, years are plural, ergo the apostrophe is not invited, e.g., 1960s– no, not, and never 1960’s.

Photo by arripay