Culturally competent and performance driven writer with over 30 years of research based,
public rhetoric, creative, and academic writing experience. Demonstrated skills in creating
website content and branding, speech writing and talking points, submitting to scholastic
journals in religion and public health, and crafting social media messaging.
Adept at interviewing and interpreting corporate voice and vision; and
acumen for writing calm responses during crisis situations.

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Listening is my core philosophy.
Before writing, before speaking, listening to
the client’s vision is the fodder for all solutions.
Capturing the client’s vision involves listening
to team members from the board room to the break room. Before beginning a project,
I need to know:

  • What works?
  • What fails?
  • Are you open to creative solutions?


Having honed the craft of public speaking
over four decades of public performance
and preaching, I parlay written messages
to oral presentations. Whether facilitating workshops on inclusion and faith; or
conducting board development retreats; or speaking before crowds and congregations,
the clients’ vision is creatively and
passionately delivered.

 Humor will be involved.



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