Culturally competent and performance driven writer with over 30 years of research based,
public rhetoric, creative, and academic writing experience. Demonstrated skills in creating
website content and branding, speech writing and talking points, submitting to scholastic
journals in religion and public health, and crafting social media messaging.
Adept at interviewing and interpreting corporate voice and vision; and
acumen for writing calm responses during crisis situations.

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Listening is my core philosophy.
Before writing, before speaking, listening to
the client’s vision is the fodder for all solutions.
Capturing the client’s vision involves listening
to team members from the board room to the break room. Before beginning a project,
I need to know:

  • What works?
  • What fails?
  • Are you open to creative solutions?


Having honed the craft of public speaking
over four decades of public performance
and preaching, I parlay written messages
to oral presentations. Whether facilitating workshops on inclusion and faith; or
conducting board development retreats; or speaking before crowds and congregations,
the clients’ vision is creatively and
passionately delivered.

 Humor will be involved.



Conceptual Design / WordPress Premium
Style Guides: Turabian, MLA, APA
Grammar & Vocabulary
Motorcycle Repair


You know what you want to say--but you don't know how to say it, don't have time to write it, or aren't sure how to share it online or in print. What ever your reason for needing a writing partner, choose one backed by decades of academic, nonprofit, creative, and technical writing. Whether you need someone to create or redesign your website, edit an academic article to publisher guidelines, develop relevant and shareable social media content, or design full seminar packages, you need to hire someone who grasps your message and understands the importance of deadlines.

iWrite.Solutions LLC -- "Captures organizational vision. Makes it plain to stakeholders."


Academic writer and editor
published in religion, sociology, and poetry. +Interdisciplinary lecturer on multiculturalism, LGBTQIA, film, theology, and disability. +Specializes in book indexing and conducting writing workshops.
+Styles: Turabian, MLA, APA

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Web designer and content writer. +Specializes in responsive WordPress Premium Sites. +Maximizes UI/UX with plug-ins for donations, event management, and forms. +Trains staff to update or contracts for site management.

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Fundraising strategist for educational nonprofits.
+Conference director and event planner. +Multiculturalism and Inclusion workshop facilitator. +Board development and staff retreat facilitator.

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The Fun Stuff.
+Wedding toasts.
+Tweets & Statuses.
+Witty nonfiction.
+Letter writing.

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Global Scholars Foundation, Washington DC


Web Designer

  • Re-designed website to integrate appeal to students and donors.
  • Enhanced website with WordPress Premium template and plug-ins.
  • Created student populated blog, curriculum downloads, and multi-tiered donations portal.

Fundraising Strategist

  • Created fundraising strategy for 10-year anniversary.
  • Collaborated with Chairman on Board development and training for fundraising.




Reel Affirmations, Washington DC


Social Media Writer

  • Composes a 30 post set of social medial posts for Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms per feature monthly film.
  • Screens film and researches actor, director, and writer.

Venue Manager

  • Collaborate with onsite venue staff to screen film.
  • Host private receptions.
  • Supervises volunteers.


VISIONS, Inc., Boston MA


Content Manager

  • Collaborated with Board and web developer to re-develop this site.
  • Managed final design and hosting.
  • Enhanced site with events registration, videos, and eCommerce portals.
  • Trained administrative staff to populated recurring events.



H Street Community Development Corporation, Washington DC


Web Designer

  • Redeveloped conceptual design.
  • Used WordPress Premium template with plug-ins.
  • Collaborated on logo redesign.
  • Enhanced site with interactive maps, accordion slider, and online application.

Southwest Neighborhood Assembly, Washington DC


Web Editor

  • Collaborate with Board and task force to enhance the site.
  • Made aesthetic and functional changes to present site.
  • Submitted proposal to update site design and interactivity.


Boston LGBT Film Festival, Boston MA


Volunteer Management

  • Recruited volunteers for the 30th year anniversary festival.
  • Trained, assigned, and appreciated over 50 volunteers at seven venues for two weeks.
  • Managed process through Google Drive.


Urban Ministries Inc., Calumet IL


Precepts for Living — 1998 to 2008

Curriculum Writer:  International Adult Sunday School

  • Translated assigned Greek and Hebrew biblical texts.
  • Wrote exegetical narrative and teacher’s guide.





“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the
proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”  ~ Albert Einstein 


Article editing? Book indexing? Content contract? These are my ABCs for summer projects for academics. Contact me for two-week and 30-day turnarounds to get you to completion! Let me do the late night lifting for you!.

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Raedorah CRaedorah C. Stewart, MA. Stewart, MA

CEO / Senior Writer

+1 202.290.8592
Washington, DC 20024


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One more slidwomen-s-word-nerd-t-shirt-purple_designe —  Gray Matter* —  my blog for word nerds and grammar gurus.
Write smarter. Laugh harder.


Gray Matter *

#BadWordWednesday : Farther v. Further

This should be easy-peasy to remember:

Farther = distance = imagine the prefix being the word far => FARther

Further = continuance = imagine it is missing the word more as a suffix => furtherMORE

Comment below using both of these persnickerty words in one grammatically correct sentence and I will edit this post featuring your submission.

Further, there will be a gift card involved that would take you farther up the road to Starbucks to spend it.


#MondayMindfulness | Accomplishments

No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you. – Althea Gibson

#FixItFriday : Unthaw


Think about it. If thaw is to melt ice from the meat, to unthaw would mean to refreeze the meat. Every decent cook knows that once meat is thawed it is to be cooked, not refrozen uncooked — the certain path to freezer burn. Therefore to thaw then unthaw (not a real word) is to refreeze not to thaw (the only word).

Photo by stevendepolo

#BadWordWednesday : Your v. You’re

Your = one word = pronoun = states that you own or posess something

e.g., your page, your name, your date, your shoes, your car

You’re = two words = You  are = verb = states that you are involved in some action

e.g., you are welcome, you are watching, you are wonderful, you are brilliant

Two words with an apostrophe rule: if you can use the two words, use them instead of contractions; if you can use the two words, you may correctly use the contractions instead.


#MondayMindfulness | Failure

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. – Steve Jobs

#FixItFriday : Ellipses

Ellipses is a three-dot placeholder for omitted text or ideas.

Ellipses … those three dots to the left.

Rule 1.  Three dots.  Always. Only. No more. No less.

Rule 2.  Insert a space before and after the ellipses.

Ellipses and a period, those four dots to the right ….

Rule 1.  Three dots. Always. Except at the end of a sentence.

Rule 2.  Insert a space between the last word and the ellipses.

Rule 3.  Do not insert a space between the ellipses and a period.

Easiest fix:  use the full quote, complete the thought, or itemize the list instead of using the ellipses as a placeholder.

Photo by webtreats

#BadWordWednesday : There, Their, They’re

These are they of which I never grow tired of policing. Once again:

There = a location = think of HERE with  a T before it = There

Their = a person = think of HEIR with a T before it = Their

They’re = actually the contracted subject and verb They and are = when in doubt, don’t = instead write out the two words = They are = if it makes sense that way, then you may correctly use They’re.

Let’s review:

tHERE = there or here are both locations

tHEIR = their and heir are both people

They’RE = two words, use them

Bookmark and refer to this frequently for tweets and status updates, for masters’ thesis and dissertations, for articles you send me to edit — oh wait, maybe not for articles you send me to edit!
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#MondayMindfulness | Conscience

I did what my conscience told me to do, and you can’t fail if you do that. – Anita Hill

#FixItFriday : Semicolon

The winking eye emoticon in social media has more humble origins in grammar as a semicolon— a punctuation mark used to separate two statements which, in fact, can standalone as two separate sentences.

; = winking eye emoticon means I am flirting with you.

I am not flirting; I am just teaching grammar. = two related statements which can be punctuated as two sentences.

I am not flirting. I am just teaching grammar.  =  two related sentences which can be punctuated as a one statement.

And this is just wrong and rude:  I am not flirting; maybe you should just learn grammar.  =  Ah, no; but a comma could fix this.


Photo by One Way Stock

#BadWordWednesday : Discreet v. Discrete


Discreet essentially means “hold your cards close to your chest.”

Discrete essentially means “go to your separate corners.”

Remember this:

In discreet, the two ee’s are like two eyes — what do you really want them to see?

We had to be discreet in planning Mom’s retirement party. 

With discrete, the two ee’s are separated — like a sectional plate at a church bar-be-que.

Kim arranged the wedding guests into three discrete sections: bride’s friends, groom’s friends, and feuding family. 

So, think it through, do you want to keep your subjects secretive or separate; discrEEt or discrEtE?



odon_lgThe ODON is the adinkra symbol for love.
Love actualized is charity, the act and art of giving and
giving back, usually without the ability to be reciprocal.

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