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About the Owner & Writer
Raedorah C. Stewart, MA (Rev.) is owner and writer of iWrite.Solutions LLC; and has written for local, national, and international markets for over three decades. With an academic background in theology and religious studies; and a professional background in diversity and inclusion consulting; Raedorah's aptitude for concise wording and engaging messaging is refined by intersectionalities of faith, culture, and politics.  Clients have included CINE Television & Film,  DCShorts International Film Festival, Reel Affirmations LGBT International Film Festival, H Street CDC (Washington, DC), Southwest Neighborhood Assembly (Washington, DC), VISIONS, Inc. (Boston, MA); and a plethora of confidential clients in politics, nonprofit leadership, and ministry.

She is also the Director of the Writing Center and Adjunct Faculty at Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, DC) where she teaches critical thinking, academic writing style, and writing for social media.  As a member of the American Academy of Religion, Raedorah publishes and presents scholarship in womanist theology, Black theology, queer studies, arts and theology, and disabilities in the profession.  As bi-vocational clergy, she serves local congregations writing meditations, hosting academic lectures on the integration of faith and justice, preaching, and worship leadership.

Raedorah has never met a word she didn't like.  She builds her vocabulary playing Scrabble on an international platform and plays Scrabble with her students to develop their theological lexicon. She is also an acclaimed poet, occassional blogger, and mother of a millenniel writer. 

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Book Reviews: 
$300-500 (400pp max)

Book Proposals:

Book Indexing:
$2,000-Negotiable (500pp)

$3.50pp Proofreading
$4.50pp Copy Editing
$7.50pp Content Editing

CV & Resume:
$150 CV (5pp)
$80 Resume (2pp)
$100-150 Resume with Cover
                        and Thank You Letters
$80 per 500 words

$100 per 500 words

$50 per 250 words + Scripture

$75 per hour

Minister Profiles:
$120 Resume + Biographical Sketch (250 words)
Film Reviews:
$25 per hour (includes 250 word review)

Display Descriptions:
$25 per hour or by project

Talking Points:
$100 per hour

$80 per 500 words

Social Media:
$50 per 10 posts
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